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Privacy Policy

All crew members based on the website MATJAR ALWATANY are striving towards permanent success in which the cornerstone is customer satisfaction, and therefore we have been keen to prepare a clear policy to help our customers understand the nature of the information that we obtain through your dealings with us. We assure you that we undertake to securely store this data in order to avoid any future problems.




Our client partner:




By reading the policies mentioned below, you give MATJAR ALWATANY and those responsible for it the absolute authority to disclose, collect and use your personal data in a limited manner, in accordance with the privacy policy, and we pledge that it will not be sold to any external party, with or without compensation.




What is the nature of personal information?




All personal information necessary to complete the registration and purchase process, including but not limited to: name, address, email and phone number.




Financial information, including credit card information or bank account details.




In order to ensure the complete safety of our products and our other customers, we may have to request proof of the customer’s identity, such as a copy of the identity card, passport, driver’s license, or other approved identification documents.




How do we obtain personal information from our customers?




Ask the customer when you open a new account on the site MATJAR ALWATANY fill a set of personal data associated with the completion of the registration process, provided to ensure that the statements T mentioned are correct and free of lying and deception.




We obtain the above-mentioned personal and confidential information via the following sources:




Information that the customer provides to us through the site when filling out registration forms, forms and other data entry boxes necessary to complete the purchase.




Data is recorded after the adoption of the absolute validity of the customer 's location grants MATJAR ALWATANY and those who support it to keep it a, ratification and share with views worthy of trust competent management fraud to help us analyze this data to prevent any scam.




As for financial information, MATJAR ALWATANY officials are fully aware of the confidentiality of credit card data and the need to authenticate it, so some information is shared with the competent authorities to verify identity and verify the validity and validity of the account, and in order to ensure absolute security we disclose only the last 6 numbers of Credit card and store the rest of the financial data using completely secure encryption.




The purpose of sharing this data is to identify customers and verify their eligibility of fraud and other criminal activities and financial risks.




Customer take care of the responsibility of personal data is updated if you change any of the basic personal information (such as name, address or telephone number), and do not bear site MATJAR ALWATANY and those by officials of any losses arising from the purchase failed due to change this data and the client does not have updated.




How to protect personal data and confidential information




Undertake site MATJAR ALWATANY and those who support it the obligation to deal with the account information with a high level of safety and protection, prevention of access, use, or disclosure without prior authorization.




In spite of this, the mentioned protection levels may not be 100% effective, unless the customer follows the security policies of using the sites and making sure not to share personal account data in MATJAR ALWATANY with any other individual, and make sure to change this data immediately if you suspect About their detection and unauthorized access to them.